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TUFF Leash® is a registered trademark.  Patent Pending.

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Our Story....


Begins circa 2004 in a small town just outside of San Antonio, Texas named Helotes ("He-Lotus").  Shortly after my first son was born, I received my first-ever yellow lab, "GIRO" (Version 1.0).  We named Giro one weekend while at a mountain bike race in Lajitas, Texas.  Giro was a great little puppy, except for the fact that he loved to chew on anything and most all of us can relate too!  Giro easily gnawed thru at least 5 department store nylon dog leashes within the first year!


Our second yellow lab, "KONA" (Version 2.0), was hand-picked by the family after a short drive to Kerrville, Texas.  

Kona was very iconic and unique as he had beautiful baby blue eyes and a super soft pink nose!  Kona was named after a family trip to Kona, Hawaii.


Kona was a typical lab puppy and he too began to chew on garden hoses, rope, sticks, deck railings, chairs, collars, and of course endless dog LEASHES!!  After my 3rd trip to the local pet supply store, I decided to design, develop, and manufacture a durable, cool looking, comfortable, innovative, and sporty looking outdoor



















Fast forward to 2012 to our third labrador, "ASPEN" (Version 3.0.)  After years of meticulous thoughts and sketches,      

Chew Proof Technologies was officially born in the small Texas Hill Country Town of Boerne, Texas. (Pronouned "Burn-E")

Today, every chew proof leash and collar are hand sewn in our Fredericksburg, Texas "Leash Lab."  Fredericksburg has been described as the "The Prettiest Town in Texas", "Best Small Town for Shopping" and the "Best Wine Region."


Our mission is simple...Build the TUFFest, coolest, and longest-lasting chew proof dog leashes, collars, leads, and splitters

on the planet.  World-class customer service is standard protocol and we love all of our "Tuff Leashers."

So the big question is WHY are our dog leashes and collars different from everyone elses?  


The answer is simple.


Our proprietary Tuff Leash technology allows us to embed vinyl coated stainless steel braided aircraft cables

INSIDE the nylon webbing.  Not only does this make for an incredibly super strong and durable dog leash;

but it gives you (the user) a super-comfortable leash in the palm of your hand.  

We pioneered this new & innovative technology.


But wait, there is more...Chew Proof Technologies offers you a Lifetime Leash GUARANTEE! 

If your dog chews completely through the TUFF Leash® or collar, we will simply replace it for just $15 bucks.  


It's as simple as that.  No questions asked.  Period.


Order your TUFF Leash® products HERE and your dog will love you for life!  #ProblemSolved.

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