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TUFF Leash® is a registered trademark.  Patent Pending.

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Non-Locking TUFF® Carabiner


Not your ordinary boring metal dog leash clip.  All of our TUFF dog leashes come complete with locking carabiners or black spring clips......HOWEVER, these super light weight, bomb proof carabiner clips are great to have handy if you would like to clip the leash handle around your waist, camp site, car bumper, carry a poop bag, or to even attach your smart phone case.  

Each carabiner has been "lab" tested (no pun) to withstand over 22kN of force........we dare you go GOOGLE 22kN!

Chew Proof Technologies searched several months in order to find the coolest, lightest, and strongest carabiner clips for the TUFF Leash®.  Simply select a carabiner color that will make YOUR dog leash the coolest leash on the block, trail, beach or campus.

Choose from 7 different anodized carabiner colors.  Blue, Black, Purple, Green, Red, Gold and Orange!  

Weight = 23 Grams = Super Lightweight