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TUFF Leash® is a registered trademark.  Patent Pending.

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For a limited time, we are pleased to announce the arrival of the NEW Limited Edition Texas TUFF Leash®.  The concept for a homegrown Texas Tuff Leash was created last year, and now it's a reality.
Limited Edition Texas TUFF Leash®
The leash that started it all!The Original TUFF Leash was created for big dogs who love to chew and it will be last dog leash that you ever buy.....guaranteed!Each TUFF Leash® is assembled and sewn in our Boerne,Texas leash lab!Every single leash is constructed from super strong tubular nylon webbing (that can withstand over 4,000 pounds)and then it is carefully infused with our proprietary stainless steel braided cable technology to make it even stronger!That's why we call it the TUFF Leash®.
Original TUFF Leash®: 6-Foot
Our 4-foot "short" TUFF Leash® was created for those who prefer a shorter leash as well as for those new teething puppies that are "in-training".  Each TUFF Leash® is built, assembled, and handsewn in our Texas Leash Lab!  Yes that's the U.S.A. baby!
Original TUFF Leash®: 4-Foot
The #1 selling chew proof dog leash.The 6-foot TUFF Leash with metal spring clip is simple, safe, lightweight and easy to use. In case you are not familiar with the proprietary TUFF Leash® chew proof technology let us explain...........
TUFF Leash® w/ Spring Clip: 6-Foot