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By Tuff Leash, Sep 19 2018 09:55PM

Looking for a heavy duty dog leash for the dog who loves to chew and pull on everything? The Tuff Leash line of cable infused chew proof dog leashes has a leash to match your individual needs.

Here are the Top 9 selling chew proof dog leashes from Chew Proof Technologies:

1. The Original Tuff Leash - Available in either 6-foot or 4-foot lengths and over a dozen bad ass colors. This leash comes with an aluminum locking carabiner clip so your dog will be safe and secure.

2. The Spring Clip Tuff Leash - Available in either 6-foot or 4-foot lengths. Amazing bright and vivid webbing colors. This leash comes with a black spring spring clip to secure the leash to your dog.

3. The Limited Edition Texas Tuff Leash - The most popular dog leash for our 2018 lineup. Comes with a unique all metal d-ring so you can attach you favorite poo bags, hand sanitizer, sunscreen or car keys! A must have....Handmade in our Texas Leash Lab.

4. Anti-Tangle Tuff Leash - This cool attachment can be added to ANY leash. The all metal swivel hardware keeps the leash from getting tangled.

5. 2-Dog or 3-Dog Tuff Leash Splitter - Just as the name applies, this leash was designed so you can attached multiple dogs onto one single leash. Oh's chew proof too!~

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9. Complete online catalog for all the rest at or

By Tuff Leash, Aug 28 2018 05:47PM

We hear it on a daily basis from frustrated customers who have purchased endless dog collars from the big box pet stores or on-line discounters because their "other" dog continues to chew off the collar. Is it boredom? Is it nervousness? Or is just flat out anger because Mom and Dad are away.

Let's be honest, dogs can chew through just about ANYTHING. The million dollar question is what CAN'T they chew through. Concrete? Kevlar? Rebar? Metal?

It's amazing to hear that some of the smallest dogs are actually the ones who tend to have the sharpest teeth. They can gnaw through leashes, leather straps, bags, purses, name it!

After being in the chew proof dog business for over 6 years, we feel that we have developed the BEST chew proof dog collars on the market.

Here are 5 quick reasons why we believe the Tuff Leash Collar will outlast anything else on this planet:

Reason # 1 - Dogs cannot chew through fine stainless steel braided cable. The Tuff Leash collar is infused with stainless steel braided cable and then it's coated in clear vinyl. The cable is then infused into each nylon collar, sewn and finshed.

Reason # 2 - Dogs can chew through plastic buckles, d-rings, you name it. The Tuff Leash collar only uses metal buckles, d-rings, and grommets. Period.

Reason # 3 - Dogs love to "taste" new toys, leashes, and collars. This is their barometer on whether or not they can ultimately mangle it. If your dog(s) like to do this, we have another solution. We can MARINADE new Tuff Leash collars in our secret marinade. Again, this isn't a "cure-all," however it will help your dog assosicate a new collar with a "bad taste." Try it!

Reason # 4 - Parents love companies who actually respond to e-mails and communicate when there are questions or concerns. We pride ourselves on our customer service; but we don't live on FACEBOOK, so if this is your preferred way to communicate you have been forewarned. E-mail us...we have lots of customer service computers and we use them!

Reason # 5 - If your dog chews completely through his/her Tuff Leash collar, we will replace it! Yes, it's called a LIFETIME WARRANTY. We have made the process super easy and you don't have to spend hours trying to replace you dogs collar. We have all the directions on

(Oh by the way, our warranty rate is only 1-2%....just sayin.')